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History and Operations

Tamalpais Pacific originated with the Tiburon Ecumenical Association (“TEA”), an Association formed by three Belvedere-Tiburon churches in the early 1970s to develop a subsidized affordable apartment complex in Tiburon. Private investors were required in order to complete the complex, and a for-profit partnership created with TEA as the general managing partner.

In 1995, instead of selling or changing the complex to market rate as legally permitted, the partnership sold the complex to a new nonprofit to preserve its affordable housing. The partnership dissolved and the sale proceeds were disbursed under the rules of the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development and the partnership agreement. Led by Carolyn Attkisson, Esq., the TEA – later renamed “Tamalpais Pacific” -- continued on as an independent nonprofit corporation with the broader mission of encouraging the development and support of affordable housing.

The Tamalpais Board of Trustees reviews and evaluates Tam Pacific's investment portfolio, budgets, reports, IRS and other agency filings, and reviews and acts upon grant applications. Funds are invested to preserve capital and ensure ongoing and growing capacity. Tam Pacific contracts with the Executive Director for operational management of the corporation, along with accounting, legal, and investment management firms.

Housing development is very expensive in California, and especially Marin County. Despite being one of the wealthiest counties in the country, Marin has a large number of very low-income residents. Financing for subsidized affordable housing in Marin comes from many sources, including the Marin Community Foundation, the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) administered by the County for HUD, CalFHA, US and State Tax Credit programs, and Tam Pacific. Grants typically support housing facilities with an administrative office, computer learning center, meeting and activity rooms, and referral services to governmental and social services as necessary.